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2020 is the Year of the CNC Plasma Cutter
By Laguna Tools on March 2, 2020

There are so many methods when it comes to machining sheet metal. Depending on the geometries you’re looking for, you might wind up just scribing it...

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How to Scale Your Woodworking Hobby into a Small Business
By Laguna Tools on February 24, 2020

As with any craft, transforming your skills with woodworking into a profitable business can be easier than you might think.

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15 Woodworking Tips for Beginners
By Laguna Tools on February 20, 2020

Woodworking can be one of the most fulfilling types of home project disciplines for beginners and DIYers.

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Lean Principles in Woodworking - Ensuring Quality for Your Customers
By Laguna Tools on February 17, 2020

Lean principles focus on the elimination of waste and putting the customer's needs first. It sounds fairly simple - who wants to be wasteful?

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The Beginner's Guide to Classic Woodworking Machinery
By Laguna Tools on February 12, 2020

It’s challenging to expand your business in classic woodworking… but the culprit isn’t the usual small business challenge.

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How Do CNC Routers Work?
By Laguna Tools on February 10, 2020

The "CNC" in a CNC router is an acronym that stands for Computer Numerical Control. A CNC router has many similarities to a traditional hand-held...

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Using CNC Routers In Your Home Workshop
By Laguna Tools on February 6, 2020

Are you considering upgrading your workshop with a machine that can make your projects quicker and easier than ever before? If so, a CNC router may...

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SignCraft Solutions| Customer Profile
By Laguna Tools on August 27, 2019

SignCraft Solutions is a full service sign manufacturing, installing, and "anything a customer needs, we'll do," company. Owner and founder Bob...

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Why Choose A LAGUNA SmartShop CNC
By Laguna Tools on August 27, 2019

The SmartShop line of CNCs from Laguna Tools sets a new standard for quality, longevity, and ease of operation with features normally associated with...

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How to Save Material Costs and Time
By Laguna Tools on August 23, 2019

One of the biggest advantages of a CNC machine is being able to use as much of your materials as possible. This process is called Nesting. But, how...

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