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Willie Sandry is a Freelance Writer for all the major woodworking magazines, woodworker, crafter and upholsterer. He likes honestly built furniture that shows its true structure. He prefers strong, well-engineered joinery that will last for years to come. "From dabbling with my own small-scale lumber kiln, to milling and joinery, I enjoy every facet of the design and construction process." Find him on his YouTube Channel, The Thoughtful Woodworker
Matching an Antique Finish
By Willie Sandry on June 7, 2021

I like to restore antique furniture, especially when it’s a classic piece of arts and crafts history. My favorites are rocking chairs and armchairs...

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Automated Dust Collection on the Fusion F2 Tablesaw
By Willie Sandry on May 24, 2021

Fully automated dust collection – just a luxury or a sensible feature for small shops? Having a good dust collector connected to all your shop tools...

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Laguna PX|20 Planer Sneak Peek
By Willie Sandry on May 3, 2021

I drove about three hours north into the Seattle area to get my hands on one of the new PX series planers from Laguna. The PX20 boasts a 20” capacity...

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Measuring Tablesaw Dust Collection Efficiency
By Willie Sandry on April 19, 2021

If you’ve ever wanted to improve dust collection at the tablesaw, knowing how to measure its current efficiency is a great place to start. Obviously,...

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Half-Laps at the Bandsaw (Make a Seat Frame)
By Willie Sandry on April 5, 2021

Half-Lap joints are strong with lots of surface area for glue.  They have many applications in woodworking, but one place I use them frequently is...

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Turntable for Spray Finishing
By Willie Sandry on March 22, 2021

I like to spray my finishes for all sorts of woodworking projects. Whether the topcoat is shellac, lacquer or polyurethane, spray finishing gives me...

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Fairing Strip with Ruby Twine
By Willie Sandry on March 1, 2021

A bandsaw is the perfect tool for cutting curves for all sorts of woodworking projects. I like to build arts and crafts style furniture, and many...

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Bandsaw Circle Cutting Jig
By Willie Sandry on February 15, 2021

Most woodworkers find the need to cut circles at some point, and there are multiple ways to accomplish the task. Router jigs are useful, but produce...

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Maintaining Cast Iron Surfaces
By Willie Sandry on February 2, 2021

Shop chores aren’t usually at the top of my list, but when I do get around to them, I’ll treat my cast iron tops to reduce friction and help prevent...

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