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Topic: Turners

Tips for Turning Large Bowls on a Midi Lathe
By Paul Mayer on February 9, 2021

Woodturning has become one of the most popular crafts in recent years, and many woodturners start their journey by purchasing a midi lathe. Why...

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Turn a Giant Snowman
By Paul Mayer on January 19, 2021

A fun winter project for any woodturner is to turn a snowman. I often times turn a smaller snowman as a warm-up exercise while I’m getting ready...

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Meet the Maker: Mark Stinson, Veteran Bowl Turner
By Paul Mayer on September 8, 2020

When Mark Stinson returned from some intense military duty in Afghanistan, he had a difficult time finding his groove again.

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Benefits of Ventilated Face Shields for Turning
By Paul Mayer on August 18, 2020

I’m addicted to woodturning, and I can no longer deny it. As part of fully embracing this passion, I have accepted two factors associated with...

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How to Turn a Goblet with Captive Rings
By Paul Mayer on July 9, 2020

A turned goblet with two captive rings is a traditional wedding gift in Irish culture. Turning a wooden ringed goblet or chalice is a VERY fun...

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Woodworking with the CNC Turner
By Laguna Tools on April 7, 2020

  One of the hardest woodworking techniques to master by hand is turning. Commonly used for table and chair legs, this method allows the...

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