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Metal Fabrication: A Comprehensive Guide to Get You Started
By Laguna Tools on April 7, 2023

Metal Fabrication Definition: What Is It? Metal fabrication is a common manufacturing process used across a wide range of industries. It is simply...

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Introducing the Newest Addition to the Lineup: The PL 12|20 Laser Cutter
By Laguna Tools on December 8, 2020

Laguna Tools has been providing the woodworking industry with innovative machinery since 1983. With an already outstanding lineup of automated,...

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The 33 Foot Long Black Walnut Slide- A Project in the Making!
By Laguna Tools on September 15, 2020

From a 7 foot prototype to a 33-foot long slide, Top Tread Stairways is putting this slide and stairway combo at the top of their Most Unique Project...

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Nested-Based Manufacturing
By Laguna Tools on September 10, 2020

Nested-based manufacturing refers to a system used to efficiently produce groups of rectangular and non-symmetrical parts from flat material, such as...

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Cutting Small Parts on a CNC Routing Table
By Laguna Tools on August 27, 2020

The definition of a “small part” will vary from shop to shop, but it’s generally agreed that any part that fits in the palm of the hand is considered...

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Can I Use a CNC Router for Transparent Acrylic?
By Laguna Tools on August 20, 2020

Clear acrylic is one of the most widely used plastics in the world—and for some good reasons. It's five times stronger than glass, which means it's...

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CNC Router FAQs: Everything You Should Know
By Laguna Tools on July 21, 2020

In the early years of CNC, many systems were modified to fit the existing standard machines. Today, almost any machine tool is available in a CNC...

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Some Types of CNC Machines Have Automated Woodworking
By Laguna Tools on July 7, 2020

Most woodworking shops have variations of the machinery found in the typical metal shop. Yet, when most people hear the term “CNC machinery,” their...

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CNC Machines Have Transformed the Metal Industry
By Laguna Tools on July 2, 2020

It wasn’t all that long ago that anyone touring a typical machine shop would see a variety of machines that included:

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International Woodworking Fair
By Laguna Tools on June 18, 2020

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Due to the recent influx of COVID-19 cases throughout the United States, the organizers of IWF 2020 have decided to cancel the...

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