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Topic: Customer Story

Meet David Sterling: The World's First One-Armed Professional Bowl Turner
By Paul Mayer on May 16, 2022

US Combat Veteran David Sterling earned a Purple Heart for wounds received in the line of duty and a Silver Star for valorous actions during his...

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The 33 Foot Long Black Walnut Slide- A Project in the Making!
By Laguna Tools on September 15, 2020

From a 7 foot prototype to a 33-foot long slide, Top Tread Stairways is putting this slide and stairway combo at the top of their Most Unique Project...

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Meet the Maker: Mark Stinson, Veteran Bowl Turner
By Paul Mayer on September 8, 2020

When Mark Stinson returned from some intense military duty in Afghanistan, he had a difficult time finding his groove again.

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Marking on Metal with a CO2 Laser
By Paul Mayer on July 9, 2020

So, you’ve picked up a CO2 laser, and engraved onto a variety of materials; perhaps wood, ceramic, maybe even leather.

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How to Make a Wood Bowl from Scrap Materials and Resin
By Laguna Tools on June 2, 2020

When it comes to woodworking, the sky’s the limit for creativity. If you have any of the Laguna Tools machines in your workshop, then you already...

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Laguna Woodworking Tools In Action
By Laguna Tools on May 21, 2020

Unlike most companies, Laguna Tools doesn’t sell you a product and leave you high and dry. Our team enjoys following up with our customers to hear...

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Stories From The Front Lines
By Laguna Tools on May 14, 2020

As the bread and butter of a functioning society, woodworking has been around for ages. Even in today’s Digital Age, there is still nothing that...

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SignCraft Solutions| Customer Profile
By Laguna Tools on August 27, 2019

SignCraft Solutions is a full service sign manufacturing, installing, and "anything a customer needs, we'll do," company. Owner and founder Bob...

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