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Zero In On Your Origin
By George Vondriska on October 15, 2020

You may have had this experience on your CNC router; you’ve determined the XY origin for your project, and you need to get the spindle directly over...

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CNC Hold Down Methods
By George Vondriska on October 13, 2020

When you use a hand-held router for your woodworking you get constant feedback on what’s happening. When you “rout” with a CNC, the machine is doing...

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How to Make a Barn Quilt
By George Vondriska on October 6, 2020

Barn quilts are fun to make, and a great way to let your creative juices flow. The barn quilt shown here is 24” x 24”, but you can make yours as...

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CNC: Same design, different toolpaths, different look
By George Vondriska on October 1, 2020

A really interesting aspect of doing CNC work is creating a design, and then experimenting with different toolpaths to get different results.

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Mortises on a Drill Press
By George Vondriska on September 29, 2020

Need to make mortises for an upcoming project? One of the easiest ways to make them is by using a drill press equipped with a Forstner bit. The...

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Nested-Based Manufacturing
By Laguna Tools on September 10, 2020

Nested-based manufacturing refers to a system used to efficiently produce groups of rectangular and non-symmetrical parts from flat material, such as...

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14bx Bandsaw: 2.5 HP vs. 1.75 HP – What’s the Real Dif?
By Paul Mayer on September 3, 2020

A 14” bandsaw is right in the sweet spot for many woodworkers, providing enough capacity and power to tackle nearly any task, ranging from resawing...

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Cutting Small Parts on a CNC Routing Table
By Laguna Tools on August 27, 2020

The definition of a “small part” will vary from shop to shop, but it’s generally agreed that any part that fits in the palm of the hand is considered...

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Build a DIY Wooden Business Card Holder
By Paul Mayer on August 25, 2020

A wooden business card tote is a distinctive gift or, if you make one for yourself, a way to identify yourself as an artisan.

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Cracked Bowl Blank? Easy Repair, No Worries
By George Vondriska on August 20, 2020

It’s really frustrating, and disheartening when a bowl you’ve been working on develops a crack. This could be the result of internal stress in the...

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