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Paul Mayer is a guest blogger. He operates under the name "ToolMetrix" (because of his passion for detailed tool analysis) and his work can be found on his: YouTube Channel: ( Instagram Feed: ( Facebook Page: (
Make a Knife and Wooden Sheath Using a Blade Kit (Part 1 – the knife)
By Paul Mayer on November 19, 2020

Many of us who create projects in the woodshop also like to apply those creative skills in the kitchen. What better way of bringing these two worlds...

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Build a DIY Platform Storage Bed
By Paul Mayer on November 5, 2020

My son asked for a space-saving bed for his college bedroom. He wanted enough built-in storage to eliminate the need for a dresser.

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The MANY Advantages of a Smaller Diameter Blade on Your Table Saw
By Paul Mayer on October 29, 2020

Most woodworkers own a table saw, and the majority of those saws have a 10” blade installed on them.

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Make a Modern Graduated Strip Cutting Board
By Paul Mayer on October 20, 2020

In the past I ran a business with my father where we sold a variety of wooden products, and one of our all-time best sellers was this contrasting...

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Meet the Tool Designer: Warren Weber
By Paul Mayer on October 8, 2020

Warren Weber has spent a large portion of his career with a focused vision to help woodworkers to be more efficient in their shops, working on...

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Meet the Maker: Mark Stinson, Veteran Bowl Turner
By Paul Mayer on September 8, 2020

When Mark Stinson returned from some intense military duty in Afghanistan, he had a difficult time finding his groove again.

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14bx Bandsaw: 2.5 HP vs. 1.75 HP – What’s the Real Dif?
By Paul Mayer on September 3, 2020

A 14” bandsaw is right in the sweet spot for many woodworkers, providing enough capacity and power to tackle nearly any task, ranging from resawing...

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Build a DIY Wooden Business Card Holder
By Paul Mayer on August 25, 2020

A wooden business card tote is a distinctive gift or, if you make one for yourself, a way to identify yourself as an artisan.

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Benefits of Ventilated Face Shields for Turning
By Paul Mayer on August 18, 2020

I’m addicted to woodturning, and I can no longer deny it. As part of fully embracing this passion, I have accepted two factors associated with this...

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Jointer vs. Planer: What’s the Difference?
By Paul Mayer on August 11, 2020

A jointer and planer are mechanically similar; a set of knives that is powered by a motor, whirling away and removing stock from the surface as a...

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