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5 Inspiring Laguna Tools Customer Success Stories

By Laguna Tools on May, 19 2020
Customer Success Stories

Here at Laguna Tools, we are proud to share the projects our customers undertake. To us, there’s nothing more exciting than seeing our woodworking machines in action all across the country. 

In this post, we will visit with five customers who walk us through their experiences with our different woodworking machines.


#1. Creating Instruments with a CNC Router and Recycled Wood



First, let’s take a trip over to our friends at Saxonville Precision Works in Massachusetts. Specializing in woodworking with recycled materials, Fred Fowler and Patiño Vázquez have put their 4x4 Swift CNC Router machine to good use making one-of-a-kind instruments such as guitars, drums, and more.

As an environmentally-friendly company, the folks at Saxonville Precision Works believe in sustainability and durability, which is why our Swift CNC machines are perfect for their woodworking projects. Our machines help to maximize materials, improve the overall production time, and leave zero waste behind.

The Swift CNC router has opened up a whole new world of possibilities for the creators at Saxonville Precision Works -- engraving, sign making, and even creating 2.5D features that can be added to instruments. The master craftsmen are even able to draw a design by hand, scan it into the machine’s system, and recreate the same image onto any wood material.

Currently, we have three Swift CNC Routers available in our inventory. These are the Swift, Swift Vacuum, and Swift MT (Multi-Tool). Learn more about this series by checking it out here.


#2. Cutting Ice with a Swift CNC Machine



Laguna Tools machines can also cut ice. Blind Tiger, a company in San Francisco, CA, uses our Swift CNC Router to cut ice. Crafting some of the most magnificent ice sculptures and spheres, the ice artists at this West Coast company needed a handy machine that could help expedite their work. They found the perfect solution with the Swift CNC machine.

High-quality ice was becoming a lost art form with the commercialization of ice cubes and home freezing methods. The masterminds behind Blind Tiger sought to remedy this by offering clear, odorless, and flavorless ice for many different purposes to the Bay Area.

One of their main products is ice cubes. Since they create clear, high-quality blocks of ice that don’t melt quickly, bars and restaurants can serve aesthetically pleasing drinks that don’t get diluted within a few short minutes.

With the help of their Swift CNC machine, these ice artists can precisely cut the ice into perfect blocks and cubes. They can even engrave the name of the restaurant or bar onto the ice cubes for a more personal touch.


#3. Building Elevator Interiors with SmartShop II 



Have you ever wondered who elevators are made? Well, it might be surprising to find out that many of our woodworking machines here at Laguna Tools can be used in the process. Let’s head over to New York to see how the folks at Elevator Interiors use our machines.

Inside the production facility, you will find more than one Laguna Tools machine. Elevator Interiors uses the Smartshop II, SmartShop J, a CO2 Laser, a Plasma machine, and more to build state-of-the-art elevator cabs for multi-level building all around the world.

Searching for a way to consistently make repeatable parts, the company finally came to find our product selection. Offering affordable, industrial machines such as the SmartShop series, the company invested in the SmartShop II as their first piece of machinery from Laguna Tools.

Used to craft all the company’s interior elevator panels, they can quickly and efficiently create consistent repeatable pieces.

Other machines at Elevator Interiors include the CNC Edge Router for referable paneling, the Plasma machine for cutting metal, the CO2 Laser LX for unique etching and graphics, and the Fiber Laser for intricate metal cutting.


#4. Designing Skis and Snowboards with SmartShop Machine



As extreme sports, both skiing and snowboarding require a high level of skills and personalized equipment. Having the right pair of skis or the correct snowboard is crucial to safely mastering either sport. Deviation Ski & Snowboard Works in Portland, OR create some of the best gear in the country using our SmartShop machine.

The company uses exotic wood materials to craft the skis and snowboards to perfection. Custom-made gear made from high-quality materials is their specialty. One of their most popular hardwood materials to use is Purple Heart wood.

Only found in a certain area of Brazil, this wood material is one of the hardest in the world which makes it great for skiing and snowboarding. With the goal of scaling the production process in mind, the company set out to purchase a CNC machine to help improve production time.

After searching through the sea of options, they ultimately decided to invest in the Laguna Tools SmartShop and never looked back.


#5. Creating Cabinetry and Custom Furniture with SmartShop II



Carrying on his father’s legacy, South African-born woodworker Brenden Callaway came to the United States and opened Built In Charleston in South Carolina, a woodworking company that specializes in cabinetry and bespoke furniture.

Starting out of his own home, Brendan went with Laguna Tools from the very beginning. Investing in the SmartShop II, he was able to grow his company quickly by improving time to market.

Using the SmartShop II, Bendan can easily build cabinetry with intricate designs like fluting. Saving time, money, and his back, this machine is the equivalent of having another woodworker inside the shop.


Get in Touch 

If you are looking to start or expand your woodworking shop, our experts here at Laguna Tools can help. We offer classic, industrial, and automated machines that are the perfect additions to your shop.

Take a look at our current inventory and get in touch with us if you have any questions. We are also able to customize machines according to your specific needs.

If you have created works of art with our machines, share those with us. We love hearing your stories. Talk to us about your woodworking needs.

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