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CNC Cribbage Board with Epoxy Accents

By George Vondriska on March, 24 2021

Looking for a cool gift for the cribbage player in your life? This board can be easily designed using VCarve Pro software.   Add a little epoxy to the middle, and it’s a very unique item.


Design the board


Selecting what type of creative design will be created with CNC

In VCarve Pro 10 the cribbage board templates are found under 2D Game Layouts. The round cribbage board is 12” x 12”.


Customizing your cribbage board

Set the Job Dimensions and Origin and drag the template onto your work space.


Working with the base layer of the gameboard design

The design has already been placed in layers. This is very convenient. Click on the Layer drop down menu and turn off everything but the VGrooves. The outermost ring can be used to cut the board to final size. My board is being put on a live edge slab, so the outer ring isn’t used and has been deleted.


Settings in the 2D Profile Toolpath Menu

Open the 2D Toolpath, choose a V-bit, and set the Cut Depth to .06”, about 1/16”. Machine Vectors must be set to On. That places the center of the V-bit directly on the lines. Click Calculate.


Changing settings in the Offset Vectors Tool Menu

Select the inner ring and use the Offset Vectors tool to create another ring .125” inside the original ring. The new ring will be used to create a recess for the epoxy.



Recalculating the toolpath on the CNC Router

Select the new, innermost, ring and open the Pocket Toolpath. Choose an endmill and set Cut Depth to 3/16”. Click Calculate


Working with the layers of VCarve Pro, focus on the peg hole layer

Turn off all the layers except the Peg Holes.


Setting the depth at which the CNC will make the cut for the peg holes

Select the holes and use the Drilling Toolpath to drill holes .4” deep. Click Calculate.


Last step before cutting the board, preview your work and design to ensure accuracy and precision

Use Preview Toolpaths to check your work. On this project the live edges, running in the X direction, will be left alone. The other two edges have arcs cut into them. Design the outside shape of your board to match your material and needs.


Cut the board


Start Working on the wood

Mount your material on the CNC router, zero the X, Y and Z axes, and run the V-bit toolpath. A 45-degree V-bit is being used here.


Second step of routing

Change to a 1/8” upcut spiral bit, rezero the Z axis, and run the holes toolpath.


End mill cuts

Change to the end mill and cut the recess in the center of the cribbage board. A 3/8” upcut spiral bit is being used.



Cutting the outside board

Cut the outside shape, remove the project from the CNC and cut the tabs.


Add epoxy

Seal the epoxy recess before doing the epoxy work. The best product for this is penetrating epoxy. This prevents the color in the epoxy from leeching into the wood grain surrounding the epoxy recess. After the finish is dry scuff the area in the recess with 220-grit sandpaper to allow the epoxy to adhere.


Mixing the epoxy

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions and mix the epoxy. Tabletop epoxy works well for this project because only a thin layer is required. After the epoxy is mixed pour it into individual dixie cups, one for each color you’ll be using. Check out this article to learn more about adding epoxy accents.


Pouring colors into recess

Pour your colors into the recess.


Blend the colors

Use a heat gun to gently remove any air bubbles. The heat gun can also be used to manipulate the epoxy, blending the colors.


After the epoxy has fully cured apply finish and enjoy your cribbage board!

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