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CFlux-1: The Ultimate All-In-One Dust Collector

By Willie Sandry on April, 21 2023

The Cflux-1 Cyclone Dust Collector contains some new features while maintaining the user-friendly and innovative attributes of the previous model. Known, as one of the most powerful small cyclones, this 2-stage dust collector is a welcome addition to any shop. Follow along to take a quick tour of all the CFlux-1 features. 


Dual Paddles.  Dual filter cleaning paddles have been added to the latest model for more efficient cleaning of the 1-Micron fine filter. This quickly and easily knocks any fine dust into the clean-out bags.



Easy hand crank.  The large filter cleaning handle has easy access with it placed on top of the collector. Just give the handle a few cranks periodically to maintain optimal suction.  


Give Me a Lift. The highlight of Laguna portable cyclones has to be the innovative drum lifting system. Unlike most cyclones, which require you to detach a flex hose or band clamp, the CFlux 1 uses an integrated drum lifting mechanism to make a perfect seal with the lid. Just raise the lever to release the drum, as it lowers onto casters for easy mobility. Once you’ve emptied the drum, just roll it in place and lower the handle to re-dock the drum. I’ve seen a lot of dust collectors over the years, and this is hands down the smoothest system I’ve used.  Explore the CFlux-1 Here.


Bag or Bagless Options.  The handy 25-gallon hexagonal drum can be used with or without a plastic liner. If you elect to use liner bags, you’ll use the drum insert as well. Shop bags for the C|Flux Here.  


Nice and Tidy.  For this part, drop the drum insert into a plastic liner, and lower it into the drum. Some woodworkers prefer this nice and tidy method with a liner bag, but I most often use the system without bags. Since I compost my wood chips, I find the sturdy handles on the 25-gallon drum work well to dump them into a wheelbarrow. This system makes quick work of the large volume of sawdust I generate in the shop each week. Either way, it’s nice to have the option to use bags with this compact cyclone.   

Effortless Drum Lifting.  I never get tired of using that drum lift system! The large lever effortlessly lifts the drum to seal tight against the thick industrial lid seal. The drum now comes with a max level indicator on the clear sight window, so you’ll never overfill it.  

Locking Casters.  Two locking swivel casters now come standard on the CFlux-1. This allows easy mobility around the shop, plus the ability to securely park it when you’re done for the day.

Features Galore.  The CFlux-1 comes with a radio frequency (RF) remote control to easily activate the collector anywhere in the shop. Radio frequency remotes have the advantage because they’re not limited to line-of-sight like other remote systems. The air inlet on the CFlux-1 is a robust 6”, with included dual 4” splitter.

Suction.  Dust collectors are judged by three primary criteria: Suction, Filtration, and Separation. CFlux-1 suction is off the charts, boasting 900 real-world CFM in a shop setting (1314 CFM unrestricted).

Filtration.  A 2-stage cyclone is a big upgrade from a basic single-stage collector. For starters, the large 1-micron pleated filter handles more air than a small filter and captures more fine dust than an old-fashioned filter bag. Beyond that, a cyclone acts as a pre-separator so most of the chips and fine dust never reach the filter. That will keep your filter clean for longer periods, between cleanings.  

Separation.  Even after collecting loads of dust, there’s hardly any material in the clean out bag. This is a sign of good separation and means the cyclone is keeping the pleated filter clean. The CFlux-1 now comes with a Crossbar that attaches to the underside of the drum lid and greatly improves separation.    

The Time Has Come.  If you’ve been dreaming of a better dust collector, don’t wait. Your health is just as important! You’ll be amazed how clean your shop stays with a proper 2-stage cyclone dust collector. 

Willie Sandry is Freelance Writer for several woodworking magazines, a tool tester, and a blogger. Check out his YouTube channel The Thoughtful Woodworker…


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- July 16, 2023

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