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The Ultimate Laguna Tools Guide to Planers and Jointers

By Laguna Tools on April, 28 2020
Guide to Planers and Jointers

In the field of woodworking, there are so many more pieces you can produce that just table legs and cabinets. 

Producing a level, flat surface out of wood is no easy feat, especially if you don’t have the help of a jointer or planer.

The job of a jointer machine is to prepare the edge of the wood board for use as a joint, and planers are responsible for trimming the wooden boards using a consistent thickness.

Both can be used to create the perfect tabletop or shelf. In this post, we will go over the various jointer and planer machines here at Laguna Tools.

Before diving into your woodworking project and operating woodworking tools, it's important to be aware of safety tips. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) on the Machine Shop Safety website outlines a list of dos and don’ts to keep you safe.


Industrial Jointers



Currently, we offer two different jointer machines here at Laguna Tools: Series 12” and Series 16”.

The 12 version is the smaller of the two. Featuring a 6.5-ft table and a 220V 1 phase motor that generates 5 horsepower, this machine is made out of heavy cast iron. For long-lasting durability, the cutter head features removable German carbide knives. Next is the larger 16 model.

It boasts an 8-ft tabletop, removable German carbide knives, and an overhead control panel. Considered to be a heavy-duty machine, this model is also constructed out of cast iron. Either machine is perfect to run a smooth edge on a board.


Industrial Planers



There is only one industrial planer here at Laguna Tools. It’s the 25” planer machine, and it is considered to be a heavy-duty thickness planer. Powered by a robust 3 phase motor, it can generate up to 15 horsepower.

This allows the machine to process 25-inch boards with no problem. Four-sided carbide knives produce clean cuts, and the table size is approximately 52″ x 26”.

The table rollers are adjustable and retractable, and the dust port helps to cut down on particles. It’s the perfect machine to create level pieces of wood with the same consistency.


Classic Jointers


If you have a small woodworking shop, you may not need the power of an industrial jointer machine.

You could easily get by with a classic jointer machine, depending on the types of products you produce and at what volume you produce them. We have four classic jointers to choose from.

The smallest in the family is the 6" Jointer ShearTec II. Powered by a 110-volt TEFC motor that makes 1.5 horsepower, this machine features an enclosed base to reduce noise and vibrations.

It also uses 42 four-sided carbide knives to slice through wood like a hot knife through butter. The workspace stays clean with the help of 6-inch gullets for the wood chips to fall in to, and the tabletop measures about 6″ x 56″.

Next is the 8" Wedgebed Jointer ShearTec II. With its increased capacity, it’s a great upgrade if you learned on the 6” machine.

It gets its power from a 22-volt 1 phase motor that produces 2 horsepower, and it features cast iron tables and a fence for optimized wood processing.

With 54 four-sided carbide knives doing the cutting and table measuring 8″ x 75″, you’ll have your wood piece ready in no time.

Then, we have the slightly stronger 8" Parallelogram Jointer machine. When raised or lowered, the table can move in the exact same arc as the cutter head due to the parallelogram support system.

The 220-volt 1 phase motor pushes out 3 horsepower, and it is protected by the machine’s exterior casing. The table measures about 8″ x 83″, and this machine features the same knives as the other 8” model.

Finally, we have the 12" Parallelogram Jointer machine. This model uses a 22-volt 1 phase motor that puts out 5 horsepower. This machine doesn’t just produce smooth edges for jointing. It can also produce smooth flat surfaces.

Featuring 66 four-sided carbide knives and a table measuring 12″ x 87¾”, You can do double the work in half the time.


Classic Planers


Our final category is made up of two classic planer machines. First is the 16" 4 Post Planer with ShearTec II. It comes with a 220-volt 1 phase motor that generates 5 horsepower. It also features 108 carbide steel knives for optimized cutting.

Lastly, the larger 20" 4 Post Planer w/ ShearTec II machine is run by the same motor. With 23 four-sided carbide knives across 6 rows, this capable machine features 138 knives for enhance cutting power.

This particular machine is also exceptionally quiet, and it would be the perfect addition to your home workshop.


Woodworking Projects with a Jointer

If you want to exercise your jointer machine out, there are several projects you can easily undertake.

  • Prep boards for future projects
  • Produce tapered legs for furniture
  • Create some basic doors
  • Craft a tabletop
  • Cut some new shelves
  • Fix warped, bowed, crooked, and bent pieces of wood board


Woodworking Projects with a Planer

For woodworking artists who want to give their planer machine some time in the spotlight, here are a few more projects you can easily do.

  • Slice down wood boards to specific measurements
  • Prep wood pieces for other projects
  • Maximize the wood material you have on hand


Woodworking Projects with a Jointer and Planer

Once you have prepped, straightened out, slimmed down, and edged your wooden boards, you can begin building some amazing pieces of wood art.

Here are some ideas on how to use the jointer and planer together:

  • A bench
  • Saw horses
  • A coffee table
  • Bar stools
  • Shelving units
  • A table and chairs
  • Toy chest


Learn with Laguna Tools

Guide to Planers and Jointers

If you want to learn more about your jointer and planer machines from Laguna Tools, check out our vast video library. It is full of how-to and instructional videos to help you understand the dynamics of your machine.

You can learn proper setup and maintenance as well as how to efficiently run the machines for your specific project.

For more information about any of our automated, industrial, or classic machinery here at Laguna Tools, get in touch with our experts today.

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