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How to Choose Between Our Fusion Tablesaws

By Laguna Tools on March, 31 2020
How to Choose Between Our Fusion Tablesaws

The Fusion line of tablesaws is the epitome of innovation. They capture the definition of high-end hybrid saws, are compact, and are three of the finest in forward-thinking design.

Laguna Tools is proud to showcase three models in our Fusion line of tablesaws.

The line of products are:

  • Laguna Fusion F1
  • Laguna Fusion F2
  • Laguna Fusion F3


Before setting up any woodworking product, bear these 10 safety rules in mind. 



Laguna Fusion F1 Tablesaw Overview

The affordable, 110 volt F1 tablesaw is designed in so you can move it around your shop easily. 


F1 Tablesaw Features

There’s a cast iron tabletop in the center section and stamped steel wings on both the right and left sides.

The premium, t-shaped fence has a magnetic catch and locks down with the use of a steel knuckle.

Overhead, there is a saw guard which comes with a quick-change riving knife similar to what you’ll see in the other saws. Attached to this saw guard is one of our most exciting features: the dust collector.

The new square-style throat plate is designed in such a way as to make it durable and easy to level. It will take a 10-inch blade of the saw.


Unique aspects in the F1 Tablesaw include:

  • A 30-inch rip fence, which has a steel body and an integrated push stick that locks in for your convenience.
  • A unique two-part cabinet with a lower stand included in the standard equipment. The bottom of the upper cabinet has a sealed floor which improved dust collection.
  • The wheel kit - which is an optional add-on - helps you move around the machine with ease.
  • The standard entry-level handles to keep it easy-to-use, light, and portable
  • The magnetic switches
  • On-board tool storage for your rip fence and other accessories


What Customers Say About the F1 Tablesaw

According to Ron P. on Marson Equipment Ltd., this is an exceptional saw.

“Minor assembly was a breeze. It's very well built and runs as smooth as any tablesaw I have used. I haven't measured the arbor run out but from experience with a really bad saw, I know this one is running very true.

The fence is solid and easy to adjust if needed. The only thing I will modify is adding a zero clearance throat plate. I highly recommend this saw, couldn't be happier!”

Laguna Fusion F2 Tablesaw Overview

Similar to the F1, the Fusion F2 is 110 volt with standard equipment. If you need more voltage, you can upgrade to 220.

Book a call with Laguna Tools service so we can walk you through the conversion from 110 to 220.



F2 Tablesaw Features

With this saw, there are a few changes compared to the other in this line:

  • There is a trunnion mounted to the one piece cabinet.
  • The tabletop is cast iron all the way across including the cast iron main body as well as both right and left-handed cast iron wings.
  • There is a magnetic switch which again is standard equipment.
  • There is an upgraded cast and polished handwheel.
  • The wheel kit is now built-in as standard equipment so that you can move the saw around your shop with ease.


On this saw, similar to the F1, there is a t-shaped fence system but it comes in an upgraded, European style. You’re able to loosen the lock knobs and slide it back to use it for offcuts or as a high-low fence system.

This is a useful aspect of the saw as it allows you to seamlessly do veneers or any other type of work that may be with thin material.

The F2 also has on-board tool storage for the push stick, miter gauge, fin system, and for your blade ridge.


What Customers Say About the F2 Tablesaw

Patrick Gillis, in his review on Federated Tool Supply Co Ltd., described how easy the product was to put together.

“[I] got this saw and unboxed it in under 20 minutes. I used cauls and Veritas straight edge and got the top bang on in no time at all… I made a tablesaw sled already and the runners are perfect in it. The fence was easy to align as well.”


Laguna Fusion F3 Tablesaw Overview

One of the first noticeable differences with the Fusion F3 is the heavy-duty cabinet saw that feels at home in any commercial shop.




F3 Tablesaw Features

We’ve worked hard to make this one a little heavier and more robust throughout the entire fusion line.

The F3 has the same cast iron table, as seen on the F2, but it also has a right-side extension table. You can also go out to a 52-inch fence with this tablesaw.

There is an outfeed table that comes standard on this saw, as well as a heavier rip fence with a wider body.

This is a European design high-low fence similar to the F2.

Again, standard equipment is the overhead saw guard with overhead dust collection.


The F3 is loaded with premium features, including:

  • A heavy-duty gauge steel cabinet that has a one piece design
  • A full bottom for premium dust collection
  • Built-in wheel kits
  • A premium miter gauge
  • Heavy-duty steel rip fence rail system - Both the F2 and F3 have cabinet-mounted trunnions which provide a lot of support because they are the full width of the cabinet. This also gives you an easier method to adjust your tabletop so your miter gauge is parallel with your blade.


What Customers Say About the F3 Tablesaw

Dave Shaw put it simply commenting on our Laguna Fusion F3 overview video.

“I have this saw... Great piece of machinery.”

How to Choose Between the F1, F2, and F3 Tablesaws?

When it comes to choosing between the products, it ultimately comes down to your skill level and personal preference.

According to Jay Andrews, one of our sales professionals, Laguna Tools has something for everyone.

“We have a saw for every skill level and every budget range; whether you’re an entry-level person that would use the F1 saw or an intermediate or power user, you’ve got a saw that will fit your needs perfectly here in the line.”

If you have ordered any of our F1, F2 or F3 line of products and need help putting it together, we can help.

Contact us if you have any questions or need help deciding which machine is the right fit for your needs. Click here for more step-by-step videos.

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