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Jigs and Mods To Get the Most Out Of Your Tools

By Willie Sandry on October, 26 2022
best jigs and upgrades for woodworking tools

Having the right tool is great when starting a woodworking project, but having the right tool and perfect set up is even better.

good bandsaw jigs

The factory High-Low Resaw Fence that comes on the Laguna 14|12 Bandsaw is perfect, but sometimes I need to attach stop blocks and T-track accessories for precision notching when I'm working on custom projects. One of the best modifications I’ve added to my Laguna Bandsaw was building this custom T-track fence. It can be attached to the factory knuckle, making the original Hi-Low resaw fence interchangeable. Watch this YouTube video of how I use this T-track fence and other useful bandsaw jigs here. I frequently use these small mods on my crosscut sled on my bandsaw. It’s a great way to trim dowels or other short parts to consistent length, which is important when you have many parts.

essential table saw jigs

Have you head about a sacrificial fence jig for your table saw? A sacrificial fence is a perfect jig to pair up with a dado blade when making multiple rabbet or tenon cuts on a table saw. Read this blog that breaks down why you should consider making your own sacrificial fence for a table saw. Other than this awesome jig, it is worth mentioning that the Laguna Fusion 2 is a workhorse of a table saw. For those in the market or looking to upgrade, check out Laguna's Table Saw line up here.

sacrificial fence jig for table saw

Use the sacrificial fence to partially bury the dado blade, leaving just enough space for the rabbet and tenon cut to be made on the table saw. I hang mine on the rip fence clips behind the saw on my table saw, when not in use.

do i need dust collector

A lot of these tools have something in common. They all make a mess! Have you considered getting an automated dust collection hooked up to your table saw? It’s a good way to improve efficiency, workflow, and health safety in your shop. With a good dust collection system, you'll be able to collect all the dust by a simple push of a button when using your saw. It may seem like a luxury in the shop, but it’s a set up I have grown accustomed to and wouldn't think twice about doing it again if I were to start from scratch. Laguna Tools has a great arsenal of Dust Collectors to consider, each tailored for different woodworking needs. You might also want to check this positive YouTube video review from 731 Woodworks regarding our P Flux here

the benefits of a dust collector

If upgrading to an automated dust collection isn’t in the cards this year, consider manual gates with a remote control. Modern cyclone dust collectors come with their own remote, or you can add one to an older dust collection system.

Laguna Bandsaw top woodworking bandsaws

An additional benefit of owning a good dust collection system is that it can be hooked up to most woodoworking machines. Check out how I have my Laguna Bandsaw hooked up to my dust collecting system. Now I can resaw wood without any dust flying in my face. Check out my dust collector mod that can be used on a Laguna 14|12 bandsaw here.

table saw hacks

The Laguna Fusion line of table saws comes with some pretty smart storage features built-in. Mine has handy hooks on the back of the saw for stowing the fence, but I needed an extra place to put my giant miter gauge. As a result, I added these convenient folding hooks to the left side cover of the saw.

table saw mods

Locate the hooks where they’ll be most useful to you. Just make sure not to obstruct the vents that allow air circulation to the motor.

table saw modifications

Use the hooks themselves as a template, and pre-drill through the cover. Start by getting one bolt installed, before pre-drilling the other hole.

how to add more use to a table saw

Be sure to use lock nuts, lock washers, or liquid thread-locker to prevent the fasteners from loosening up over time.

Screen Shot 2022-10-26 at 3.03.09 PM

The folding hooks are great because they support almost any shop accessory, yet fold neatly out of the way. I installed several of them around the shop to hang hearing protection and other accessories. They’re widely available at hardware stores and online retailers.

Willie Sandry is a Freelance Writer for several Woodworking magazines and enjoys building and upholstering Arts and Crafts style furniture. Check out more of his work on his YouTube Channel: The Thoughtful Woodworker

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