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Making A Modern House Address Plaque From Scratch

By Willie Sandry on October, 19 2022
how to make a house address sign plaque

Looking for weekend project that will add to your homes curb appeal? This home address DIY plaque project will do just that.

To get started with this project, you’ll need some rough-sawn barn timbers. Store-bought lumber also works fine, but I wanted a rustic look, so starting with rough-sawn wood makes sense. Run the boards at over the jointer to create an flat face, and one square edge. Leave as much or as little barn wood as you like. This is the creative part of woodworking, have some fun with it. You’ll also need address numbers, some hardware, and an 8 x 10” real copper sheet that you can source at your local hardware store.

resaw boards with bandsaw

Resaw the timber on a bandsaw to yield a couple 5/8” thick boards. Still considering what bandsaw to add to your woodshed? Check this blog on why you should consider a Laguna Bandsaw*. Next, you'll want send them through the planer, but only mill the bandsawn surface. If you're going for the rustic look, preserve the look on one face as you mill these boards to a final thickness of ½”.

diy home address project

Cut the boards to a rough length of 20” for now. They’ll be trimmed to the final length of 18-1/2” after the panel is glued together.

wood home address diy project

Cut the inner edge of the boards you made with a low-angle block plane. This will give the backer board a shiplap look once assembled. Simply chamfer the long edges for now, the end-grain chamfers after the panel will be glued together and trimmed to the final length.

how to make a home address sign

Glue two 5” wide boards together to make the backer board. Alternate parallel jaw clamps front and back for even clamping pressure.

dado blade table saw

Install a dado blade on the table saw. You’ll need a 3/8” wide dado stack and a shop-made jig to make the box joints for the decorative planter box. Check out this article of the many applications a dado blade can be used for. 

dado blade table saw jig

Size the planter components in multiples of 3/8” for best results. Register the notch over the key in the jig, then slide the workpiece down the table saw and  repeat the process. Be sure to make the same cuts on both sides of each workpiece. Laguna Tools' table saws are an excellent choice for woodworker regardless of experience level. Watch this video where Shop Nation explains why he chose a Laguna Fusion Table Saw over the competition. 

how to make a box with a table saw jig

To add a bottom to this mini-planter, a groove on the inside face is helpful. Normally when adding a bottom to a box, you’d groove all four parts. However, box joints that reveal the groove on the outside, so just groove two of the pieces instead for this project.

how to make a finger joint box

The joints fit nicely right off the table saw with this box joint jig. It’s micro-adjustable with tool-free knobs, but honestly, once you dial it in with your specific dado blade, it makes perfect cuts without further adjustment. Learn to make this jig for your table saw by reading our Making a Box Joint Jig For A Table Saw blog.

finger joint box project

Break out the smallest clamps in your shop for this one! Gently glue up the micro planter box, and set it aside to dry.

home address sign project diy

A real sheet of copper dresses up the barn wood backer board, and should patina nicely in the elements. Be aware that cheap “copper” sheets sold in home centers are often aluminum, with color applied to look like copper. Aluminum won’t patina like real copper does. Add address numbers as desired through pre-drilled holes. Address numbers often come with metal standoffs that give a nice shadow detail on the copper.

exterior home address house sign project diy

Add a piece of green floral foam to the box, and put the lid in place. Add seasonal décor of your choice, and hang the plaque with common keyhole hardware, and just like that you have added a simple but modern touch to your home!

Willie Sandry is a Freelance Writer for several woodworking magazines and a crafter in wood and leather. Check out all his latest woodworking projects and tool reviews on his YouTube channel, The Thoughtful Woodworker.

*Pricing on machines may not be up to date on outdated external articles and reviews included in this blog*

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