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Laguna Woodworking Tools In Action

By Laguna Tools on May, 21 2020
Laguna Woodworking

Unlike most companies, Laguna Tools doesn’t sell you a product and leave you high and dry. Our team enjoys following up with our customers to hear about how they are using our products. 

Let us share with you a few of our success stories as we take a look at our customers in action across the country. 


Corporal Willy’s Workshop



Nestled in Las Vegas, NV, Corporal Willy’s Workshop has been a loyal customer for many years. Richard Williams, a.k.a. Corporal Willy, began his career in 1965 as an electrician. After a 5-year apprenticeship and a thriving career, he was injured on the job.

It took three surgeries and 15 months of physical therapy to regain some sense of normalcy. Even after all of that, he was forced to retire, but things weren’t over for Willy. That’s when he discovered his passion for woodworking and Laguna Tools machines.

Working with his local school district, Corporal Willy began crafting colorful bridges for children to play and learn on. His goal is to help children build technical skills for the future. Using a Laguna Tools SmartShop CNC router, Willy has found that programming a wood piece is much easier and less time-consuming than carving it by hand.

Since arriving in his workshop, the CNC router has had a full schedule of work to do, and Corporal Willy couldn’t be more pleased.


Ross Manufacturing



Located in Brownsville, TN, Ross Manufacturing has specialized in high-quality grain handling equipment since 1956. Vice President, Buddy Autry, has been leading this family-owned business for a while now, and he has quite a few good things to say about his experience with Laguna Tools.

What some folks may not know is that many of our machines can be used for more than just woodworking. For Ross Manufacturing, they use a CNC router to produce custom drag chain paddles, which are made out of plastic. As grain processing conveyors evolve, so do the parts and components.

What used to be simple cuts has now transformed into various complex shapes such as the bevel shape, which is where the CNC router comes into play. Autry decided to invest in a Laguna Tools machine due to affordability, reputation, and capability. IT arrived ready to go, and the company has been producing the grain handling components quickly and efficiently ever since.

According to Autry, they can program a new piece and have the CNC machine running in under 15 minutes.





Situated in Meridian, ID, FAMCO decided to invest in a Plasma CNC cutting machine from Laguna Tools. This fiber laser machine is used for slicing through metal pieces to create various shapes and designs.

The folks over at FAMCO needed a bit of help figuring out how the machine worked. So, we sent over one of our highly-skilled technicians to show them the ropes. After only a few minutes, the Plasma cutter was up and running.

Our technicians stayed to make sure everyone in the company knew how to operate this handy piece of equipment. From programming a new design to running the machine, he covered the entire process.





If you visit Long Beach, CA, you will notice right off the bat that there are many people sailing over the sidewalks on skateboards. As part of the SoCal culture, skateboarding has become more than just a hobby. It has become a lifestyle.

The folks over at CHOPS MFG use broken skateboards and a Laguna Tools Lathe to create functional art. They have made colorful screwdriver handles, motorcycle headlight casings, cigar tubes, and so much more.

When they first bang their journey into woodworking with old skateboards, they were using hand tools. Frustrated by the lack of power and the enormous amount of time spent using hand tools, they turned to the Laguna Tools Lathe.

This power tool is able to spin the wood pieces while they carve specific designs. The results are vibrant, smooth pieces of functional art.





Nashville, TN is home to more than just country music. Here, you will find MadeFirst - a full-service design and fabrication company that specializes in projects for the entertainment industry.

They handle a lot of marketing projects for entertainment events, festivals, concerts, touring shows, and so much more. Jonathan Hammel began the company is his own kitchen and backyard.

Over the last 10 years, MadeFirst has expanded into a facility of over 40,000 square feet. With growth such as this, some special machinery was needed to keep up with the demand.

Purchasing the SmartShop II CNC Router was the best decision Hammel could have made. This machine offers precision and quality that exceeds expectations. Increasing accuracy and improving production time, the SmartShop II has proven to be an effective team member at MadeFirst.

Impressed with the CNC Router, Hammel then decided to invest in the Plasma, the CO2 Laser, two SmartShop machines, and more. Using our CNC Router machines, they are able to produce massive pieces for events. One example is their recent project for Instagram.

This massive display featured a rainbow slide, a photo-op area with stuffed animals, a ladder, and a cube mountain.


A Quick Reminder

Always remember to frequently refresh your memory by looking over the OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) regulations on the Machine Shop Safety site.

Here, you will find a handy list of guidelines that will help keep you safe while operating heavy machinery.

Share Your Stories With Us

Nothing makes us happier here at Laguna Tools than hearing about your success stories. Our machines are so versatile that they can be used in various ways that many may have never thought possible. If you have one of our machines and would like to share your story with us, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team.

Also, don’t forget that we are currently offering special financing for CNC Routers. You can have your payments deferred for the next 90-days. Click here to learn more.

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