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Why Sign Makers are Upgrading to CNC Cutting Machines

By Megan Kerkhof on October, 16 2019
sign makers

“Having good equipment is like having another good employee.”  Just like all great companies, you want to have the best on your team, producing the most amazing work possible.

This is the same for sign makers.  If you haven’t invested in a CNC router for your workshop, now is a good time to consider it.


The Best Way to Make a Sign

“There are expectations to create an awesome project.”

Have you come across these issues before?

Running into complex shapes that you’re unable to cut?

Needing to outsource pieces and projects because you don’t have the tools in-house?

Or coming across material that is difficult to design and shape?

These issues all have one simple remedy: a CNC machine. Using a CNC machine is the best way to make a sign.

Yes, it can be a large investment.  Yes, you’ll learn how to use it.  One, learning your new machine is easier than you think.

A large CNC Router cuts all sorts of materials, shapes, and custom pieces and takes under a week to learn how to use, according to many sign makers.

CNC machining helps in boat making

Plus, there are YouTube videos and tutorials making the learning process a breeze.

Two, the investment is well worth the price.

A CNC router is faster, more efficient, and makes custom, unique cuts in a fraction of the time with only using the specific amount of material needed.

Think of the money you’ll save by making signs and designs faster and more efficiently.

Think of the money you will bring in house when you don’t need to outsource anymore.  Think of the money you’ll save on material costs when you don’t have to pay for unused material!

These machines last years and are well worth the thousands of projects and customers you’ll acquire in the lifespan of one CNC machine.


The Best CNC Machines for Sign Making


West Georgia Cornhole CNC machine, Laser machine, and dust collector

With over 9 CNC routers and lasers offered at Laguna Tools, it makes the selection process of “the best” a little difficult.

But, we can break it down to a few of our favorites: the SmartShop series, IQ series, and CO2 Lasers.

Let’s take a look at these CNC machines and see why they would be a great addition to your sign making team!


SmartShop® Series

These are the best value CNC routers that offer all the capabilities of a full-scale, high priced router without the large price tag.

Do you want to specialize in 3D engraved signs or signs made out of foam? The SmartShop® Series is for you.

All SmartShop® CNC routers come with vacuum tables, 8 position automatic tool changing, and dual direct drive motors.

They’re incredibly stable featuring one-piece steel frames. These are more reliable than any other CNC machine you’ll find elsewhere.

They work well with solid wood, composites, plastics, non-ferrous metals, and so much more.

An overall amazing machine that gets the work done with just about any material you’re working with.


IQ series

A CNC router that fits just about anywhere!

Wood sign cut and carved by the IQ series

If you’re looking for a CNC router but just don’t have the space or budget for a SmartShop, then the IQ series is the way to go.

These machines are much smaller and cost a fraction of what the SmartShop series will.

From wood to plastic to aluminum, this machine is perfect for the small business, hobbyist, or anyone else wanting to get their hands on a super affordable and space-friendly CNC router!


CO2 Lasers

Cut, etch, and raster your way through construction paper, craft paper, cork, felt, canvas, acrylic, wood, and more with C02 Laser machines.

The laser beam can be set as small as 0.1 mm, compared to the CNC router bit just under 1mm, making the CO2 lasers ideal for precision cutting.

The laser also burns rather than cuts through friction, so edges look very crisp and clean.

For more detailed sign designs, the CO2 laser machines would be the right choice for you!


Plastic and Acrylic Sign Making

Acrylic Jurassic Park sign cut by the Laguna Laser

Are you in the sign making business working with plastic and acrylic? Do you work with dimensional, ADA, channel, interior or exterior letters? Do you make way finding and lobby signs?

We’ve got CNC machines for you! Take a look at the IQ series, Swift CNC Router, SmartShop CNC Machines, MTs (multi tools), and or Laser Machines.

Acrylic and plastic are just about the cleanest materials to cut on a variety of CNC machines.


Wood Sign Making

Wood sign cut by a CNC router

The wood sign making industry covers a wide range of makers from hobbyists to professionals, making signs from home décor to large outdoor signs.

Although laser cutting machines work well with wood, the best way to go for wood sign making is a CNC router. The IQ series, Swift, and SmartShop Machines will all work well for your upcoming projects.



Metal Sign Making

Metal dirt bike stand cut by a Laguna Laser

Another great material for the hobbyist and professional, the best CNC machines for metal sign making are broken down by material.

For steel or stainless steel sign making, we recommend a CNC plasma table.

For aluminum sign making, the Swift series, SmartShop, or MT (multi tool) machines are the best way to go.


Because it’s worth it

The reasons most sign makers opt in for a CNC investment are time and money, and there hasn’t been one customer who mentioned they regretted it.

Many customers note that they pay off their machine in less than a year.

With our available financing options, you’re even able to make money while paying off your machine.

It’s time to say goodbye to wasted material costs, outsourcing, and long project turnovers.

With the help of a CNC machine, it couldn’t be easier to start saving money and rolling out more projects and happy customers.

If you have any questions, special recommendations, or feedback on what CNC machine is right for you, give us a call at (800) 234-1976. We’ll be happy to find you the right machine.

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Jurassic Park Sign made in Shop Laguna
Workhorse Wood Sign by @uneeds_sign (IG)
Metal dirt bike stand made in Shop Laguna


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