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By Laguna Tools on May, 14 2020
stories from our customers

As the bread and butter of a functioning society, woodworking has been around for ages. Even in today’s Digital Age, there is still nothing that quite compares to building unique items with raw materials such as wood.

Among the woodworking community, there is an unspoken bond that connects us all. Our experts here at Laguna Tools love to hear about how our customers are using our woodworking machines.

From cabinetry to extreme sports gear to furniture and everything in-between, woodworkers come from all walks of life. In this post, we will take a trip down the front lines to see what some of our happy customers have created with our machines.


SignCraft Solutions



Situated in Wake Forest, NC, SignCraft Solutions specializes in, you guessed it, signs. Over the last 10 years, the company has grown from a two-man-show to a 6,700 square-foot facility with 11 employees. In addition, owner Bob McEwen decided to invest in the SmartShop MT CNC machine from Laguna Tools to increase productivity and cut down production time.

While they used to carve every sign by hand, they found that the process was extremely time consuming and difficult. However, with the SmartShop MT CNC machine, they can create beautiful, intricate signs in a fraction of the time.

This budget-friendly model is capable of performing many different tasks with various knives. It also doesn’t just cut through wood. It can be used on aluminum, foam, acrylic, plastic, and so much more.


Bull Valley Hardwood



Located in Woodstock, IL, Bull Valley Hardwood is an expert in Laguna Tools machinery. This family-owned and operated business sells hardwood lumber, woodworking tools, and finishes.

In order to meet the demands of their clients, Dan and Brian invested in several Laguna Tools machines including a panel saw, shaper, jointer, edge bander, and a CO2 laser. These machines are all used to cut hardwood materials to suit their customers’ needs.

The company also offers training in woodworking on-site. Inside their learning center, they have seven Laguna Tools lathes and a bandsaw for students to learn on.

Taking things a step further, the father-son duo decided to open a retail store for woodworking enthusiasts as well. They offer the complete lineup of Laguna Tools machines for customers to purchase for their own at-home workshops.

Continuing to expand their products and services, they also invested in a plasma machine for metalworking projects.


Gallagher Designs

As an experiential design company in Portland, OR, Gallagher Designs creates high-quality products for its customers all over the world and even offers installation. They can handle corporate events, experiential design in marketing, and everything in-between.

For example, their services can be used to create fixtures for a new shoe release or any other type of design-badges marketing. Recently, the company has started taking on bigger projects with universities around the country. Needing to build fixtures that told deeper stories and lasted longer, they decided to invest in the SmartShop II CNC machine from Laguna Tools.

As a budget- and user-friendly machine, it was a no-brainer for the folks over at Gallagher Designs. After an easy set-up and quickly learning how to use the Curve software, they had the machine up and running in practically no time.

The company also houses a Laguna Tools bandsaw, which has sped up production time exponentially. Projects that would normally be sourced out to another company and take two weeks to get back can now be done in-house in just a few short hours.


Woby Design



As a design company in Gardenia, CA, Woby Design uses several Laguna Tools machines to create wonderful pieces of art from recycled skateboards.

With the help of his four-legged friend, Toby, owner Ben Paik knew that he needed an easier way to create upcycled furniture and art. That’s where the Laguna Tools bandsaw and SuperMax drum sander came into play.

Using the bandsaw for resawing and the drum sander for shaving down the thickness, he has been able to quickly turn scrap materials into usable pieces of lumber for woodworking projects.

What makes Ben unique is that he is entirely self-taught in the art of woodworking. Learning from YouTube videos and honing his skills, he has managed to create a successful company out of a beloved hobby.


Strange Cereal



Standing proud in Huntington Beach, CA, Strange Cereal is a comic book store unlike any other. Created by artist and entrepreneur Wesley November, the Strange Cereal interior was built by the Laguna Tools SmartShop III and Swift machines.

Starting with an empty store, Wesley looked at it as a blank canvas. With a limited budget to work with and very little time, he took advantage of the Swift machine to start constructing his dream store.

Within three weeks, the comic book store was complete with 3D signage, cabinets, displays, and so much more. He was even able to build an Iron Man-themed display for a new comic book release within three hours. No outsourcing was needed.


Woodworking Products To Cater Your Needs


Here at Laguna Tools, we offer a massive selection of classic, industrial, and automated woodworking machines that can help you complete just about any project.

From a one-man-show like Ben Paik at Woby Design and Wesley November at Strange Cereal to a larger facility such as Bull Valley Hardwood, we’ve got the perfect machines to suit your specific needs.

We even offer an online video library that covers most of our products. You can watch and learn about the setup process, how to properly care for and maintain your machine, and how to run certain software. To see some of our other videos, click here.


Get in Touch

Want to learn more about our woodworking products at Laguna Tools? It’s very easy to get in touch with our experts. All you have to do is fill out this contact form, and one of our experts will be in touch with you shortly. Also, we are currently offering special financing with deferred payments for 90 days.

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