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Texturizing Woodworking Materials with the SuperMax Sander

By Laguna Tools on March, 12 2020
Texturizing Woodworking Materials

Here at Laguna Tools, we’ve got a great selection of classic and industrial sander machines for woodworking shops of every size. 

Used to create a texture in many different types of materials, sanders are essential to a well-oiled workshop. When you are working with woodworking tools, follow these safety procedures.

In this post, we will go over the process of sanding with our favorite sander machine - the SuperMax.

We will also cover all the various types of materials that you can texturize and the different brush heads you can use to achieve various results.



SuperMax Double Brush vs Single Brush Machines

The SuperMax 24” sander machine comes in two styles — the double brush and the single brush. Both can achieve the exact same results. The difference can be seen in the efficiency of each machine.

The single brush sander machine uses a motor that generates 5 horsepower. It is slower than the double brush machine and can handle 0- to 15-feet of material per minute.

Since it only has one brush, you will need to feed the same piece of woodworking material through the machine twice to achieve the same results that the double brush machine can provide at one go.

As for the double brush machine, it uses a motor that produces 7.5 horsepower. With this stronger motor, it can produce faster results, and it can handle 0- to 30-ft per minute of material being fed through.

You only need to send a piece of wood through this machine once to get a finished result.


Woodworking Materials to Texturize

Aside from one being faster and more efficient than the other, both the SuperMax 24” double and single brush machines can texturize pieces from a long list of materials.

They can both even manage to process materials other than wood.

Here’s a list of the most common materials that these sander machines can texturize:

  • Reclaimed Barnwood (Fir)
  • Flat Sawn Solid Oak
  • Cedar Board
  • Pine Tongue & Groove Board
  • Cypress
  • Engineered Flooring
  • MDF
  • Hard Foam
  • Acrylic
  • Stainless Steel
  • Aluminum
  • Steel

Taking things a step further, these two sanders can also handle boards that have nails in them. Sometimes clients may want an authentic, refurbished look for their decorating theme.

Adding new nails to distressed boards just doesn’t have the same appeal to it as older nails. You don’t have to remove nails from boards before running them through either sander.

The SuperMax machines can brush over the nails with no problem, leaving the original character of the board intact.


Types of Brushes for the SuperMax Sander Machine

There are numerous types of brushes you can attach to the SuperMax sander, but they all fall under three categories — wire, nylon, and flatter.

Wire brushes are used to specifically to distress wood material, giving them a reclaimed look. Nylon abrasive brushes can be used to scuff sand any type of material including the ones from the list above.

Finally, flatter brush heads are used for scuff sanding, cleaning barnwood, and preparing cabinets and trims for staining or painting.


Using the SuperMax 24” Double Brush for Texturizing Wood

As we mentioned before, the double brush model uses two brush heads instead of just one. There are three different brush configurations you can go with according to what your end goal is.

First, you can attach a wire brush to the first head and a nylon brush to the second head. The wire brush will serve as the artist during the sanding process. It will do all the hard work of distressing the woodworking material, leaving you with a medium-grade distressed finish.

Meanwhile, the nylon brush will act as the assistant, cleaning up the excess particles and debris as the piece runs through the machine. This is the step that the single brush sander misses.

In order to achieve the same results with the single brush sander, you’d have to run the material through the machine with a wire brush, switch the wire brush out for the nylon brush, and run the same piece through again.


Texturizing Woodworking Materials


The second configuration for the double brush machine is to attach two nylon brushes on the first and second heads. These abrasive brushes will give you more of a subtle, naturally distressed look.

This configuration is also ideal if you have to run metal pieces through the machine. It can deburr aluminum, stainless steel, and steel quickly, leaving you with a smooth finish. It’s perfect for removing rust and corrosion as well.

The final configuration is a double-headed SuperBrush with flap sander heads. This two-in-one brush is great because you can change out the bristle strips to create different texturizing effects.

The double-headed SuperBrush is perfect for cabinet doors, trims, and moldings. It can easily remove scuffs and prepare the pieces for staining, painting, and installation. The SuperBrush is very easy to use, and it produces consistent results.


Finding the Right Brush Head

Laguna Tools has a plethora of brush heads to choose from for your next project. There are many different wire and nylon brushes, and choosing the right one may seem a bit daunting at first. However, our woodworking experts are here to help.

If you are unsure about which brush head you need to complete your woodworking project, you can reach out to us. Let us know what you're planning to do, and our experts will help you choose the perfect fit for your next project.


Learning with Laguna Tools

Woodworking is not something that you should learn on your own. It’s best to learn from an advanced woodworker so that the process isn’t so overwhelming. It also helps you to not bite off more than you can chew.

At Laguna Tools, we love sharing our woodworking knowledge and expertise. That’s why we created a helpful video tutorial series that covers the various types of equipment we offer.

You can learn how to set up various machines, what type of attachments you might need, and even how to properly maintain and care for your woodworking machines.

Learn at your own pace, and build the woodworking shop of your dreams.

Come talk to us if there is a particular Sander you are looking at or if you want to find out more about our other products.

Contact us today.  Check out the full line of SuperMax by Laguna Products.


Texturizing Woodworking Materials with Laguna Tools


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