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Three DIY Woodworking Gifts

By Laguna Tools on June, 11 2020
Woodworking Gifts

With Father’s Day, a birthday or a special occasion just around the corner, finding the perfect gift for your loved one can seem stressful. 

While you could go to a store a buy him another tie, that’s not a very personal gift. Why not build something for him? Using any of our woodworking machines, you can easily create custom do-it-yourself (DIY) gifts that your dad will cherish forever.

Without further ado, let’s jump right into some great gift ideas.


Gift #1 - Wood Log Drawer



Pic Credit: @castanoscustomwoodworking


If your dad likes the rugged, natural aesthetic, then carving a drawer out of a wood log is a great idea. Not only would it be a cool gift, but it’s practical as well. Everyone knows that dads like to use things, so let’s see how to make it!


What You Need:
  • Your choice of wood
  • 14|12 Bandsaw
  • Sandpaper
  • Wood finish



Step 1 -Using the 14|12 Bandsaw, you can easily carve out the center of the wood log to begin creating the storage compartment.

Step 2 - Making precise cuts to cut out a drawer can be a bit difficult to do freehand. We recommend that you create a simplistic drawing of what you’re going for before you begin to cut. You can also use the photo provided by Castanos Custom Woodworking (@castanoscustomwoodworking on Instagram) as a great reference.

Step 3 - Once you are satisfied with your cuts, use sandpaper to smooth out the wood.

Step 4 - Follow that with a varnish or wood finish to achieve the desired look.


The 14|12 Bandsaw

The 14|12 Bandsaw uses a 110-volt HP TEFC motor to generate 1.75 hp. It features a pyramid-shaped spine, tension window, tension indicator, tracking window, and cast iron wheels.

Its 6-foot plug-in cord gives you more versatility in shop placement, and the smooth worm gear and pinion provide minimal flex. It’s the perfect machine for any sawing jobs that you need to do in your woodworking shop.



Gift #2 - Hand-Crank Coffee Grinder



Pic Credit: @sunsetturnings


Does your special someone love coffee? We are not talking about the skinny vanilla with a pump of raspberry syrup and an extra shot. We are talking about good old fashioned coffee.

If your father likes to read the newspaper while he drinks his daily Cup of Joe, then we have a memorable gift idea for you. Why not create his very own hand-crank coffee grinder?

This way, he can get the full, traditional experience of making coffee completely from scratch in the mornings. Here’s what you need to do to carve out a coffee grinder for your dad.


What You Need:
  • Your choice of wood
  • Lathe (Revo 18|36)
  • Coffee grinding mechanism
  • Sandpaper
  • Stain or other wood finish



Step 1 - If you have ever used a lathe before, the Revo 18|36 works best for woodturning projects. Begin by securing your chosen chuck on wood to the lathe.

Step 2 - Next, start carving out the exterior, top, inside, and then the bottom. For a detailed tutorial on how to create a bowl shape with a lathe, click here.

Step 3 - Once you have created the shape you want, it’s time to use the sandpaper to smooth everything out. You can leave the wood piece on the lathe for this part.

Step 4 - Then, use a stain or some other kind of varnish or oil to get the desired finish on your wood product.

Step 5 - Finally, remove the bowl from the lathe and attach the coffee grinder mechanism. You can put some coffee beans inside to make sure that the grinder to working properly before you give it as a gift.


The Revo 18|36

As one of our most popular lathe, the Revo 18|36 is the perfect woodturning machine to create a variety of wood products. Using a 110-volt induction motor, this lathe pushes out 1.5 hp, and it comes with a knurled control knob that has been fitted with a rubber grip for easier operation.

The headstock and tailstock are both situated at the back of the machine to prevent your workflow from being interrupted. If you enjoy making rounded objects like bowls, cups, chair legs, and coffee grinders, then this is the machine for you!


Gift #3 - Custom Sign



Pic Credit: @thesignspecialist


If your dad has his own workshop or man cave, you can create custom signage for him to hang. As a completely personalized gift, a beautiful wood sign is something he can enjoy seeing every day.

What You Need:

Your choice of wood

  • SmartShop M2
  • Wood finish



Step 1 - Secure your chosen plywood to the SmartShop M2 table.

Step 2 - Program your design and import the files to the machine. If you are familiar with the design software, it should only take a few minutes to create the design. You can even use pre-designed templates and simply add your dad’s name to the center.

Step 3 - Run the machine. It shouldn’t take long before your piece is finished.

Step 4 - Coat the sign with a stain or some other wood finish. You can also paint it if that’s the desired look you’re going for.


The SmartShop M2

The SmartShop M2 CNC machine uses a 5.5 hp spindle to carve out intricate designs into wood pieces. For minimal vibration and enhance accuracy, the machine features an all-steel gantry.

It also uses a pod-ready vacuum table to keep the wood pieces securely in place during the duration of the run. You can do just about anything with this CNC router.


Get in Touch

If you would like to learn more about our bandsaws, lathes, SmartShop series, or any of our other machines, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our experts today. We can help you decide which machines are best for your woodworking needs.

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