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Top 10 Wood Shop Accessories

By Willie Sandry on December, 20 2021
Top 10 Woodshop Accessories to use
  1. Resaw King. A carbide tipped bandsaw blade has to be the number one wood shop accessory. Equip your 1412 bandsaw with a ¾” wide Resaw King blade for the smoothest resaw cuts you’ve ever imagined. What’s more, the carbide teeth outlast traditional steel blades by a large margin, and can be resharpened several times. The Resaw King is specially designed with variable teeth spacing to reduce harmonic flutter. This results in one of the smoothest, quietest blades you’ll ever use. 

    Dado Blade on Laguna Fusion F2 Table Saw
  2. Dado Blade. I’ve sung its praises before, but I’m continually amazed at what a dado blade on a good tablesaw can accomplish. Read more about how I use a dado blade on my Fusion F2 tablesaw here!

    Dado Throat Plate for fusion f2 table saw
  3. Dado Throat Plate. To get the most out of your dado blade, you’ll need a special throat plate to accommodate the width of a full stack. You can get pre-cut inserts that will accept the entire dado stack, or buy zero clearance (uncut) inserts and cut the slot yourself. Just install the width of dado stack you intend to use, and slowly raise the blade into the insert. Luckily the Fusion series tablesaws feature locking throat plates, so they stay put when in regular use.

    Circle Cutting Laguna Bandsaw Jig
  4. Circle Cutting Bandsaw Jig. For a quick way to cut accurate circles, make a simple jig for your bandsaw! This jig was built for the Laguna 1412, and featured in the October 2021 issue of Popular Woodworking (issue #261). Grab an issue of the magazine, and check out the video here…

    Custom Bandsaw Fence with Stop block
  5. Custom Bandsaw Fence w/ Stop block. A bandsaw fence with a T-track proves quite useful for several operations in the shop. I find it invaluable for making repeated notches. Just start the cut, and advance your workpiece until it contacts the stop block. That way, all notches for a project will be the exact same size. Check out the details in my Lumberjocks blog here!

    Table Saw Box Joint Jig
  6. Box Joint Jig. A tablesaw is an amazing tool, and this is especially true when it’s equipped with some great accessories. A custom made, adjustable box joint jig will give you the ability to cut crisp joints and build all sorts of boxes and decorative projects. The jig rides in the miter slots of the tablesaw, for perfectly accurate and repeatable cuts every time. A micro-adjust thumb screw dials in the finger spacing for a perfect fit. Read the entire blog here! 

    Tablesaw Crosscut Sled
  7. Tablesaw Crosscut Sled. Here’s an accessory you don’t want to be without. Every shop needs the ability to cut and square large panels, and a crosscut sled is a great way to accomplish that task. It’s helpful if the sled includes a measuring tape and stop block for repeated cuts.

    Check out my X-Cut video here…

    Tool Mobility Kit
  8. Mobility Kit. Here’s a great way to make even the biggest shop tools easy to maneuver… add a mobility kit. Usually, they consist of wheels and specially designed brackets to lift the tool with your foot. Here, a wheel system is being attached to a 1216 Midi Lathe. Once this simple kit is installed, you can effortlessly position your ‘stationary’ power tools wherever you need them.

    Sacrificial Tablesaw Fence
  9. Sacrificial Tablesaw Fence. If you’ve been woodworking for long, you’ve probably used a sacrificial fence on your tablesaw. It’s a handy accessory to have, especially when used with your dado blade. This simple sacrificial fence will let you cut rabbets, grooves and even tenons without damaging the factory rip fence. Read all the details here!

    Automatic or Semi-Automatic Dust Collection
  10. Automatic / Semi-Automatic Dust Collection. There’s one thing I’ve learned about dust collection systems… they only work when you actually turn them on! To that end, fully automated dust collections with electronic blast gates are an excellent accessory. If that type of full auto system isn’t in the cards, try a semi-automatic dust collection system with remote control. I’ll bet you use the dust collection system more often if it’s easy to use.

    shop dog with laguna revo lathe
    Honorable mention. Well, I don’t know if my dog Trooper is classified as an accessory, more like a shop fixture I guess. At any rate he’s a great companion and deserves honorable mention on any list. His face is usually covered with sawdust and a smile! Get some great accessories and get out in the shop this week.  

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